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By Taymour
ZeE wrote:
taymour wrote:

thx for pointing at this as well brother, yes it is also well known, that Adnan Oktar is a mason. This whole video seems to be an advertisement for Masonry.
But in one thing this Italian man is right, and that is that Freemasonry is not an atheist movement, for that would mean, that they wouldn't believe in anything.
No, they do believe in a "God" (or let's say a wanna be one) , and that is Lucifer to them (may God curse him). This talk about "tolerance" and "unity" and "humanism" reminds me for some reason of this devil's advocate scene, where the devil calls himself "a humanist."


:thumbup: :lol: LOl. god bless you sister ZeE!
By Zzz
taymour wrote:
:thumbup: :lol: LOl. god bless you sister ZeE!

God bless you too, brother taymour ;)

As for the maskh remark by Zuleyha:
God knows best who or what they are.

These weird guys and the poor doll like women look pretty much like Monarch slaves, and the handler seems to be Adnan Oktar himself..and somehow, the words "mashallah" "inshallah" sound like his trigger code. I don't know if you guys also noticed it, but they don't have any real facial expressions anymore, especially the women, and I don't think that it is only because of the bad make up and all the cosmetic surgeries which makes them look so weird. They are chanting "mashallah, mashallah" very synchronic, and God knows what the handler really did to them. They are very likely under mind control..and remind me somehow of the hypnotoad clappers:


Just exchange the word "hypnotoad" by "Adnan Oktar" or "Harun Yahya" and you get his followers:

:shock: :golly: :golly: :clap: :shock:
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