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In the Name of Allah Almighty, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Assalam A’laikoom Wa’rahmatullah, Shalom and Greetings of Peace. May Allah the Loving and Merciful bless all of you filling your mind body and soul with Divine love and peace.

I am a Syed Muslim male 45 from Pune, India of Indo-Iranian descent. Though I was born into a Shia family my real religion is humanity. Since the year 1997 at the age of 30, Allah the Most High has made me to have major spiritual and mystical experiences which are directly connected to the emergence of the awaited Imam Mahdi (rh) and spiritual return / descend of the return of Sayyidna Isa al-Masih (as) or Jesus Christ for establishing of the God's Kingdom / Islamic Khilfat on earth, with the Holy City of Jerusalem as its capital. Based on my understanding of the esoteric meanings of these experiences, I am pasting below an article along with the copy of the email I received in response to the same.

With love and blessings,

Brother Naushad Somji


The World Savior :

Humanity awaits deliverance through the appearance of a world leader who, under the Government of God creates a global revolution and aspires to form a global community under one God, one religion, and one ideal system of law and to bring all community under the unite flag of one global state. On the basis of the teachings of this uniform religion one can say that a religion should not be confined to belief and worship but also to complete system of belief, worship, politics and society.

The scriptures of many religions speak of a coming leader who will consummate the fulfillment of the divine will on earth. He will manifest in his person the righteousness and compassion of God, and he will bring about the final defeat of evil, and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This person who will be specially chosen by God for this mission and empowered to accomplish it. Prophecies that a leader will come and accomplish such a mission are nearly universal.

Religions call him by various names: Jews long for the promised Messiah; for Christians the Messiah is Jesus of Nazareth, who has already come and ascended to heaven but will reappear (perhaps in a new guise) at his Second Coming. Muslims also expect the second advent of Jesus, who will come as a Muslim Imam, and among Shiite Muslims there are various expectations of a future Imam Mahdi. Buddhist sutras prophesy the coming of the Maitreya Buddha; Vaishnavite Hindu scriptures prophesy the future descent of an avatar named Kalki; Zoroastrian scriptures prophesy the coming of the Saoshyant; and some Confucian texts speak of a future True Man who will finally bring peace to the world by perfectly instituting the Way of Confucius.

The Holy Quran which is the final testament mentions that Hadrat Isa (as) or Jesus Christ as the Rasul, Messiah, Kalimatullah “The Word of Allah” and Ruhullah “The Spirit of Allah.” Prophet Isa (as) or Jesus Christ was raised alive and will return back in End Times to guide all mankind to the right path with the power of divine love and the final truth as per the Holy Quran ~ final testament, to establish God’s kingdom throughout the whole world and restore true faith.

In 1997 when I was 30, Hadrat Imam Ali (as) appeared to me in resurrected form at the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty (ra) at Ajmershareef. He looked into my eyes, smiled and went away. This opened my heart and my spiritual journey began. I started to isolate myself from people and my personality changed completely. Thereafter I experienced the divine knowledge of Allah gradually entering my heart and soul and I became very religious.

Since then I have been meeting many dead Islamic Saints or Auliyas who have also appeared to me in their resurrected forms. A few years after my experience at Ajmeershareef, Hadrat Syed Badr-u-din Shah Hussani (rh) appeared to me also in resurrected form. He prayed over a glass of water and made me drink it, thus making me his mureed or disciple. He came to India from yemen @ 1000 years ago and was martyred. His head is buried at the Holy Shrine in the jungle near the town of Pen, in the state of Maharashtra. He nevertheless continued his fight for the cause of Allah the Most High despite the head being severed from his body. His body is buried in the town of Parandha in Maharashtra, an eight hour drive from Pen.

Two months later, Hazrat Syed Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty (ra) appeared to me in resurrected form. He gave me a fruit to eat and said that he was giving me the Khilafaat, the position as leader and spiritual master. I was told by him that I have a pure soul and that I will over the years work as a guru for people of all religions and they will call me a Messiah then.

Of all my meetings with the Holy men of Islam, the most remarkable was with Prophet Mohammad (saw) who appeared to me along with Hadrat Imam Ali (as) and three more men whom I did not recognize. Prophet Mohammad (saw) led us all in afternoon prayers, and then we had lunch, all eating from the same big plate. After the lunch as the Prophet (saw) was leaving he shook hands with me with a big smile and I kissed his hands respectfully.

This is connected to the awaited Imam Mahdi (as) : “The promised Mahdi will be among my family. God will make the provisions for his emergence within a single night “…… (Islam. Ibn Majah, Sahih, Vol. 2, P. 519)

Later on I got baptized by a Christian Priest and during this the Priest saw a bright light descending on my person and then entering my soul as a small flame of light. Even I felt something powerful entering my heart that time. At that instant the Priest had a vision of Jesus Christ standing in the Jordon River gettting baptised in my place. Thereafter major spiritual changes began to change place with me and there are at times I could do the kind of healing that Jesus Christ did during his time. Also, I have got the power to forgive sins and whenever I visit graveyards thousands of souls would approach me for prayers to have their sins forgiven. They would not leave me unless I prayed for them. When Pope John Paul 2 died, his soul came to me in the astral body and asked me to pray for him. He said master master please help me. Few days later on when President Yasser Arafat died, his soul also approached me and he said that he did not want anything for himself but rather he asked me to help his fellow humans in Palestine who are in great trouble.

Recently when I was just about to go to sleep, I felt like some divine spiritual being was moving close to me and I felt it was Mother Teresa. She blessed me over and over again with the kind of pure love a mother would have for her own child. Then she intuitively informed in my heart that the soul in any human is part of Allah the Most High and thus to serve humanity is actually to serve our Creator. She said I represent the second coming of Jesus Christ or Hadrat Isa (as) and thus my heart should be like an ocean which accommodates everybody in it.

This is connected the Second Coming of Jesus Christ or Hadrat Isa (as) : “What would be your situation if the Son of Mary (Jesus) descends upon you and your Imam (Mahdi) is from among you”? ………..(Islam. Bukhari, kitabul-Anbiya, Chapter Nuzul Isa bin Maryam)

Two years ago I suddenly got a pull to visit the Holy Shrine of Hadrat Shirdi Sai Baba (rh). Since then Baba has been guiding and protecting me and he calls me his son. During one such visit at the Temple of Hadrat Shirdi Sai Baba (rh) I saw a white ball of light approaching me from the right side during night aarti. When the aarti ritual was over, this white ball of light moved away. Recently Baba has informed me that this ball has been put into my heart by him and because of this over the period of time I will become spiritually one with God the Most High ~ an Avatar !!

At times some divine power descends in my heart and when that happens I become spiritually extremely powerful and bright white light emerges from my heart. That time I get a feeling that I have become one with Allah the Most High spiritually and that thousands of Angels circulate around me. But when this devine power leaves I become a normal person again. This happens by itself and I have absolutely no control over it.

This is connected to the Kalki Avatar: “Whenever the Law declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish the Law” … (Hinduism. Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8.)

The 3 powers of the Mahdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar combined make up the world savior. This world savior is destined to save the mankind from the rigors of today. The day to day lowering of human values, humans behaving more like a vicious animal (it is ironic sometimes it is difficult to distinguish human beings from animals), the breaking up of relationships between the family members, between communities and on larger scale the countries has become the order of the day. Such a one fully prepared and powered to address the ills of today head-on and shall annihilate the ills of today and make the humanity step forward towards a new golden era… the Satyuga ~ the golden period. He shall be one who makes dharma or pure religion prevail over numerous other corrupted religions followed world-wide. One who brings all countries on a common platform… can only be the deliverer! The society as of today awaits the coming of this world savior! Call him the Messiah of the masses or the downtrodden denizens of the society… coming of him would be a boon to the mankind at large!

Prophet Musa (as) or Moses has the soul of Arch Angel Michael (as) and Prophet Isa (as) or Jesus Christ has the soul of Arch Angel Gabriel (as). These two Angelic souls become interchanged in my heart: At times I feel spiritually extremely powerful, my right hand becomes loaded with divine power, my face glows like the full moon and my heart begins to radiate a bright, white light. At other times I feel as if an ocean of divine love flows through my heart, and my flesh gradually begins to turn into light particles. When this happens people in my immediate vicinity automatically become healed physically, mentally and spiritually. Apart from these two more obvious manifestations, at times a small ball of divine light enters my heart, staying for as long as it is required and then leaving by itself. This has the capacity to open the hearts of human beings to absolute truth and to replace darkness with Divine light. It is therefore quite obvious that God the Most High has blessed me with the powers of Pophet Musa (as) or Moses, the mercy and healing of Prophet Isa (as) or Jesus and capacity to replace darkness with divine light of the God incarnate Kalki Avatar to use for the benefit of humanity. The three powers of Prophet Musa (as) or Moses, Prophet Isa (as) or Jesus Christ and God incarnate Kalki Avatar combined make up the world savior.

My case is in some ways similar to that of Prophet Younas (as) as mentioned in the Holy Quran. He was called by Allah the Most High for a divine mission but initially chose to run away from it. Many times over the years I too have tried to avoid getting too deeply into spiritual and religious things and have tried my level best to lead a normal life. But every time I tried to do that, Allah the Most High would pull me back into it and this has happened several times during the past few years. Since I could not run away from Allah’s call, I had no option but to submit humbly to it.

“The Imam who will create a world state…….His mind will be free from desires of bringing harm and injury to humanity. Such a knowledge to him will be like the property which was wrongly possessed by others and for which he was waiting for the Permission to repossess and use……. With such a start he will establish an empire of God in this world. He Will be the final demonstration and proof of God’s merciful wish to Acquaint man with the right ways of life”……. (Islam. Nahjul Balagha, Khutba 141, 187)


(email feedback) :

Dear Brother Naushad Somji,

Certainly you are a blessed soul. I am very happy to read about the experiences you have undergone. Strange are the ways of the Almighty and He alone knows about His scheme of things. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. Yes He can make a person a Messiah in one night as He did with the Prophet. My personal opinion is that one should leave oneself in His hands and pray Him for His grace. He alone knows what He wants to do. It appears that the God Almighty has chosen you for some special work. The mystery would unfold in due course. I pray that you prove His worthy instrument. It also appears to me that you should pray “Thy Will Be Done”. I am sure He would reveal His Will and lead you to the work for which He has so kindly chosen you. My prayers for you. May the Great Masters help you in your mission.

With Kind Regards,

Sufi Brother
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Dajjal Documentary Film-DAJJAL? The Judeo-Christian ‘Civilization’! ... %E2%80%99/


The Best Seller Book of 2008 in Bangladesh (Bengali Version)

DAJJAL? The Judeo-Christian 'Civilization'!

by Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni
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At first glance from the title of the book, 'Dajjal', it might seem like another long saga about the One Eyed Giant on a huge, big horse that will come to terrorize the world's inhabitants. But as one reads on, one will soon realize that the subject of this book has been approached from a rather scientific angle than a purely religious one. This book strives to prove that Moslems the world over should stop waiting for a gigantic monster, that it supposed to have only one-eye, whose mount is to said to have one foot in the east and the other in the west, and wake up to the fact that not only has this 'giant' made its appearance long since, but is already in control of this entire world, as prophesized by the last messenger of Allah more than a fourteen hundred years ago. This 'giant', is the Judeo-Christian materialistic, technologically advanced civilization that has turned out as the dominant force in the world today. The western society we see today is the product of centuries old research in the fields of technology, scientific exploration and relentless pursuit in the betterment of quality of temporal life. This exclusion of the Maker from all other areas of the collective human life than the purely personal side is referred to as the viewing of the Dajjal on left eye only; because all things good are regarded as being inspired by the right.

The last three chapters of the book deals with the state of affairs of the world today; the presence of the Dajjal, it being the most dangerous situation to present itself before mankind. These chapters give a valuable insight into what can be done by the Moslems the world over to avail themselves of the highest honor and prestige to be ever-granted on any human being.

To those looking for positive thinking ideas and our situation in the world today, this book is bound to open wonderful new avenues of thought and a white new world of very different way of perception.


Over the last thousand and four hundred years, the coming of the one-eyed giant, the Dajjal, has remained the topic of numerous discussions and debates in Moslem households all over the world. However, the actual understanding of this enigmatic phenomenon remains as elusive to us as it was to the Companions of the Messenger of Allah so many centuries ago. It all began when Mohammad (s.a.s), the final and the greatest Messenger of Allah, told about the arrival of a giant on earth during the later time (Akheri Zamana), an event he has referred to as the greatest ever in the life of mankind.

To give his people, his ‘Ummah’, both of his time and of the future, a better idea and understanding of this fearsome entity, he has described in great detail what it, the Dajjal, would look like, its activities in this world, what tremendous power it would yield over the world and the destiny of Man and he talked of its demand to be accepted as the lord or ‘rub’ of mankind. He has called this character the ‘Dajjal’, an Arabic word used to describe something or someone deceptive, something very attractive to look at, but is actually despicable a dazzling impostor. The Messenger of Allah has also said that this giant would have sight in one eye only, the other would be blind. Common sense tells us, it can be no living being, for its vehicle is to have one foot in the east and the other in the west, see and hear what is said in a whisper on the other side of the world, and so forth. Among the thousands of ‘Hadis’ or Hadis s attributed to the Messenger of Allah, those concerning the Dajjal occupy a position of great import and significance, deemed as it has been as the gravest danger to ever face mankind. The Hadis regarding the Dajjal are as thought provoking as they are frightening since they speak of a giant that will see with only one eye yet have the power to bring the whole world under its control and in so doing lead a great number of people astray. In one such Hadis, the Messenger of Allah has stated ‘From the Creation of Adam to the Judgment Day, there is no other event as grave and alarming the as the Dajjal.’[1] He goes on to state that- ‘There has been no Messenger from the time of Noah (a.s.) who has not warned his followers about the Dajjal.”[2] And to further stress on its importance, and as an after thought the Messenger of Allah himself sought refuge with Allah from the malaise of the Dajjal.[3]

So how concerned are we about the colossal import of a situation the Messenger has deemed as the gravest occurrence from the beginning to the end of time, about something all Messengers from the time of Noah (a.s.) have warned their followers about, regarding a matter our Messenger himself sought refuge from?

It goes without saying that far from being concerned about it, we are yet to realize that the Dajjal’s birth took place 472 years ago, and having passed its infancy and childhood it is now an adult that has the entire world including its ‘Moslem’ population laying prostrate at its feet!

The reason for this ignorance remains the fact that during the last few centuries we were colonized by the European Christian forces, the method of education they imposed on us has been one that has taken us far away from the true faith of Eslam. The result of which has been that this nation can accurately recall how long it took Hannibal to cross the Alps with his army or recite without mistake from Shakespeare, but is totally in the dark as regards to what the Messenger of Allah has stressed to be the most important event in the history of this world. The small portion of this populace which is actively involved in the study of the Qur’an and the Hadis too have neglected it to oblivion. With their shortsighted and narrow vision, these people are waiting for the literal transformation of the Messenger’s prophecy where he informs of the emergence of a huge one-eyed giant astride a colossal mount and of its tyrannical rule. They have accepted these Hadis in their literal aspect only, neither spending their time nor their effort in trying to see beyond the mere words, to try and gauge why this should be the single most grave, influential and frightening event throughout the world’s history. These people devote far more time on details regarding wadu (ablution), meswak (cleaning teeth), kuluk (using sponge) and other trivial issues than they think about the Dajjal or its significance!

Like others, I too was waiting for a huge one-eyed giant and to hear its proclamation to be the lord and ruler of mankind!

However, the first time I realized that it would not be the case was when I read Muhammad Assad’s book “Road to Mecca”. Muhammad Assad was born as Leopold Weiss into an Austrian Jewish family and converted to Din-ul-Eslam in his youth. It is in this beautiful writing that he first hinted at the idea of the Western civilization being the Dajjal prophesied fourteen centuries ago by the last Messenger of Allah. However he has not elaborated on this issue. It was in the late 50’s or early 60’s that I read this book and from then onwards, the more I thought about it, the clearer it has become to me that his idea is indeed correct. For the Messenger of Allah to give the mostly illiterate Arabs of fourteen hundred years ago a correct and comprehensive picture of a civilization based on today’s technological advancement was next to impossible. Therefore, he did so through a series of allegorical references which exactly match the description of the western civilization of our time.

Everything we know about the Dajjal is derived from the Messenger’s ‘Hadis’ or tradition i.e. words or actions of the Messenger himself, also action of others, he approved or disapproved of. As we all know, Hadis are classified into several groups, among which three are prominent, namely the ‘sahih’ or correct; ‘hassan’ which are also true but not as accurately related as the former and thirdly ‘daif’ or weak, poor Hadis s, some of which are nevertheless accepted when corroborated. Besides these, there are also ‘gharib’, ‘munkar’, ‘maruf’ etc. divisions. During the rigorous process of collecting and verifying true Hadis, many false statements earlier deemed as correct Hadis have been rejected, while some of the true ones have also been omitted due to the fact that they could not be unbrokenly traced back to the Messenger of Allah himself. In order to get a complete and comprehensive idea about any subject broached in the Hadis, it is necessary to study all Hadis regarding it, notwithstanding the fact whether they are accepted without any doubt or rejected outright. Similar has been my method in collecting all relevant data about the Dajjal; however the ones quoted here are almost all Sahih or correct Hadis and those remained the basic platform of this research.

I have categorized all Hadis regarding the Dajjal into two groups. One part containing predictions related to its importance and gravity, the other concerning its identification. From the first group of the Hadis we are able to derive why the emergence of Dajjal occupies a more important stance than the deluge of Nooh’s (a.s.) (Noah) time and why it is graver than the world wars. In the second group of Hadis the Messenger of Allah has related to us some definite signs through which we should be able to correctly identify the Dajjal as what it is and thus resist and reject the influence of the Dajjal. The almost complete lack of education and the total absence of technology could have prevented the people of the then Arabia in understanding the concept of the Dajjal, however, today, when almost every one of the allegories used to describe the Dajjal by the Messenger have been reflected in the mirror of the western society, how close are we in correctly interpreting and identifying it as the self-same “Masih-al-kazzab,” the Dajjal? Unfortunately far from resisting or rejecting it, we, the so- called Moslems of this world, have it in front of our very eyes and yet are not only unable to recognize it for its true self, but have accepted it as our lord, master and have submitted to it.

Let us start with the name, with which the Messenger has introduced us to it, the Dajjal- which is not actually a name, in the sense that it is more of a description than a proper name; like that of Emam Mahdi (a.s) who will have a separate personal name but is known to us as Al-Mahdi or ‘the rightly guided one’ who will appear in the later times to guide mankind to true Guidance, the right path. Similarly, the Dajjal is not a name in the proper sense as an adjective. The literal meaning of the word “Dajjal” is that of an attractive impostor, beautiful outside but dark and ugly inside, a cheat a deceiver and a liar. Is not this statement true of the technologically advanced western civilization which dazzles the beholder with fantastic achievements on the one hand yet due to its absolute detachment from God in their collective lives, society is rife with injustices, crimes and sins of every kind? This ‘civilization’ has been responsible for the deaths of 14 million human lives in course of the two world wars and another 20 million people in different wars and skirmishes ever since. The number of people disabled from these would be at least double of the dead; countless more have been displaced and rendered homeless. It does not end there- injustices and cruelty on a personal and collective level, murders, thefts, rapes, kidnappings- go on unabated and it is for these that the western civilization is the dazzling, attractive impostor.


I. The Messenger of Allah has said -‘There will be no greater event from the creation of Adam to the Last day, than the appearance of the Dajjal’- (Emran bin Hussain (r.a), Moslem).

This is perhaps one of the most important Hadis regarding the Dajjal since it encompasses the entire history of mankind, from the creation to its end; which includes the Great Deluge, the World Wars and everything in between. Yet, the Messenger has stressed the event of the Dajjal as being greater in significance than any other. Therefore, it leaves little doubt as regards to its gravity. The Messenger of Allah had been made aware of all things great and small in the world’s history: there was not a single important issue in the history of this world that he had no knowledge of; he has nevertheless stressed on the gravity of the Dajjal as being the gravest of all. Therefore, the very fact that he has placed the Dajjal as being more significant than either the great World Wars or the deluge of Noah’s era when the whole world was submerged gives ample indications towards its significance and gravity. Given this fact, it seems highly ironic that we are so little concerned about it!

Now let us gauge as to why this Dajjal, the materialistic, technological Judeo-Christian civilization poses such an enormous threat to mankind? To do so we need to go back in time to the creation of Man, to get a better understanding of the subject.

All it took Allah to create this entire universe, the limits of which remain unknown to man, was the command, ‘Kun’, ‘Be’, and there it was. Within this infinite creation, there is not one atom that can do what it pleases, not one tiny particle that can break out of the sphere fixed for it and disobey its Creator. He has not given any one of them that capability to do so, not bestowed the gift of free-will power on any other among His creation. This power to do what they please is something even His angels do not possess either. They all remain in their own places, each doing what they are ascribed by their Lord. It was after everything He Wished for had been created that He wished for a creature on whom He would bestow His attributes along with own free-will and see what it would do with it.[4] And so He made Adam. As He wished to breathe His spirit into this new creature, it was not made with the mere command of ‘Be’, rather with the Lord’s own hands.[5] With the breathing from Allah’s Spirit into Adam,[6] he rose in rank above all other creations, becoming the Ashraf-ul- Makhlukat, (the most honored in the creation) because along with the spirit, blown into him by Allah he came into possession of each and every one of Allah’s qualities, attributes or ‘sifats’, including that of Allah’s free-will. This was the attribute, which Allah had retained to Himself all this while, now, it came to dwell in Adam as well. This is His ‘Amanat’, Trust unto us, something no other creature in this vast universe is in possession of.[7]

In order to test Man to see how he would use his free-will, there was a need for an opposing force, and Eblis (Lucifer) came up to do the job. It would have otherwise been similar to scoring a goal in an empty field and therefore worthless. Eblis was given the permission to enter Adam’s body and soul and provoke him to disobey his Creator, to do wrong.[8] Eblis was among the angels when Allah asked their opinion about the creation of His Khalifa, representative or vice-gerent on earth. He and all other angels had asked the same thing, ‘Will Thou place therein (earth) one who will do injustices, create turmoil and shed blood, while we, hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?’[9] It is interesting to note that at this point, Allah had only asked their opinion about creating Adam, he had not been created yet. So how did the angels know in advance what these creatures, Adam’s children would do on earth? The answer lies in the word Allah chose to describe Adam. Had He said that He wished to create a creature called Adam, the angels would have probably said ‘As Thou Wish, Lord’-but in Allah’s proclamation of sending His representative, His vice-gerent on earth,[10] they understood clearly this new creation would not be just another new being; as Allah’s representative, it would acquire all of Allah’s attributes and qualities, including His free-will, albeit in a very small quantity; like a drop of water taken from the ocean- which has all the properties of the ocean present in it, only in an infinitesimally smaller quantity than the great ocean itself. With this free-will Adam would be able to decide for himself whether to abide by Allah’s orders, be on Hedayah the Guidance or make new ways for himself to conduct their life on earth. In case he rejects Allah’s directives, the inevitable outcome would be ‘fasad’, ‘anarchy’, injustice inequality and oppression in society and ‘safakuddima’- violence, war, bloodshed- this the angels were able to predict even before Adam was created.

The consequent incidents in short would be that after Adam’s creation and blowing from His Soul into him Allah ordered all His angels to prostrate before him,[11] to which all the Malayeks obeyed save Eblis, claiming he would not do so since Adam was inferior to him. For this disobedience, Allah cursed and ousted Eblis from His presence. Eblis then challenged claiming he would show that this new creature of Allah’s would not obey their Lord and thus cause chaos and anarchy, injustice, violence and blood-shed on earth. Allah accepted this challenge for the very reason of Adam’s existence was to test what he did with his free-will. Next was the step to lay down some conditions for this new test, such as:

I. Eblis was given the permission and power to enter Adam’s heart and mind, body and soul and provoke him to disobey the Creator,

II. Allah would send His Messengers to every people and nation reveal His right Guidance through them so that people may be directed on the right path or Hedayah, Serat-ul-Mustaqeem, ‘the straight and simple path.’[12]

With these principles laid down, there now remained only two avenues open to Bani Adam (Children of Adam). One was to accept and implement what Allah revealed through His Messengers and lead their collective and individual lives accordingly; and the other was to disregard Allah’s directions, His sovereignty and establish man-made rules and laws and implementation of these at social and collective levels. Tawheed (Guidance) and Serat-ul-Mustaqeem are thus symbiotic, each of separate entities themselves but riveted together to form Allah’s sovereignty.

To make things even clearer to Bani Adam, to ensure that under no circumstances should they attempt to replace His sovereignty with their own, He declared only those who accept and implement His laws and directives in their individual and collective lives, were acceptable to Him, all their personal sins and transgressions will be forgiven and heaven will be awarded to them. Both the Qur’an and the Hadis are replete with such confirmations. There is one Hadis in which the Messenger of Allah stated to Abu Zarr, ‘he who remains steadfast in Allah’s sovereignty (Tawheed) will enter paradise even if he commits theft and adultery[13]. Besides this, he has clearly stated a number of times that not even sins, which reach up to the sky can refrain a man who remains unmoved in Allah’s sovereignty, in Tawheed from heaven. Numerous Hadis from among the ‘Sahih’ or correct ones namely Bokhari, Moslem etc. can be put forward to support this. In another tradition, the Messenger of Allah states that ‘it is a contract between Allah and His servants that those who obey none except Him will not be punished’.[14] In another Hadis he states, ‘Hell has been made ‘haram’ (forbidden) for him who believes in his heart there is no ‘Elah’, (He who is to be obeyed) other than Allah and that Muhammad (s.a.s) is His Rasul (Messenger).’[15] In yet another Hadis, the Messenger of Allah confirms, ‘Tawheed is the key to paradise.’[16] It is important to note here that the Tawheed stressed upon in these Hadis is not the partial or eclectic one confined and applied to the personal life only as it is now; but an all encompassing Tawheed, reflected on every aspect of the believer’s life- from personal, family, national, economic, judicial, educative to political aspects. That is the true form of Tawheed, of Allah’s sovereignty.

The opposite of this Tawheed is ‘Sherk’ meaning partnership, and ‘kufr’ meaning denial-regarding which Allah has informed us ‘If We wish, We may forgive all of man’s sins, transgressions, but Sherk and kufr will not be forgiven.’ The outright denial of Allah’s sovereignty and the subsequent establishment of man-made laws is ‘kufr’ while ‘Sherk’ is when Allah’s directives are only partially adhered to, so that some of the rules and regulations are those of Allah’s and some are made by man and tailored to their whims and desires. In this context the Almighty affirms- ‘Do they think they can obey some of My commands and reject some?’[17] Therefore, even the denial of a single directive of Allah’s from proper implementation in the collective or personal life is tantamount to committing ‘Sherk’- and ‘Sherk’ and ‘kufr’ are the only two sins He has vowed never to forgive.[18]

Thus these Qur’anic injunctions and their confirmations in the Hadis leave no room for further speculation or doubt that those who accept Tawheed in its true form, i.e. in their personal, collective and social lives are the ones to embark on Serat-ul-Mustaqeem, establish Din-ul-Qaiyema. They will be caused to enter paradise even if their personal sins are too many to count.[19] Whereas people who deviate ever so little from the complete implementation of Tawheed in their collective lives will not be acceptable in the eyes of Allah despite the fact of their staying up all night in prayer on fasting the whole month through. Complete and collective Tawheed is the precondition for ‘Taqwa’ and without it piety and good deeds of all kinds are fruitless.[20]

The two reasons the angels put forward against the creation of Man, Allah’s Khalifa (vicegerent) was that he would create anarchy and shed blood on earth.[21] They did not say that man would not say his prayers, he would not fast, decline to pay Zakah, refrain from performing Hajj, indulge in adultery or gamble his wealth away or commit other crimes. The only two things they did mention are both collective issues and it does not take a genius to figure out that these very issues have been plaguing mankind from the beginning of time. Not even the League of Nations, formed after World War I or the United Nations after World War II have been able to stop mankind from slithering into these black holes. The reason for this is quite simple…no matter how intelligent or smart Man thinks himself to be, he actually possesses very little knowledge about his own self and the world around him. He is yet to find out exactly how his mind and body coordinate to create his personality, let alone discover the mystery of this universe… therefore for him to devise a constitution that would enable him to live in peace and harmony and eradicate ‘fasad’ and ‘safakuddima’ from society is not only improbable, it is impossible. The only other alternative is to accept Allah’s Tawheed, His sovereignty and implement the laws, rules, limitations and regulations, His Din, as revealed from Him through the series of Nabis and Rasuls, the Messengers.

Let us now consider the challenge Eblis (Lucifer) issued before his banishment from Allah’s Presence. It was that he (Eblis) would wait to ambush Bani Adam from the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem; he would attack them from the left and right, centre and forward, so that they deviate from it.[22] Not once did he say-he would refrain them from saying their prayers, from fasting or from paying Zakah nor from any other pious work, nor did he say that he would here them commit sins or crimes for that matter. Therefore it becomes clear that Eblis’ real intention is not to keep Bani Adam from performing their religious duties, it is to stray them from the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem itself. This being the case, it becomes clear that the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem holds more importance than the personal observances of faith, as in saying prayers, fasting, hajj, Zakah and personal taqwa or piety. So what then is the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem? Why is it named as the straight and simple path? Because it is so. It is Tawheed, reflected on all facets of life, acceptance of the simple truth that we will accept no one else’s word except His in any sphere of our lives. To further clarify this, the Messenger has stated, ‘him whom Eblis is not able to deviate from the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem will enter paradise even if he commits theft and adultery’. It is noteworthy that he mentioned the two transgressions the punishment for which is the most severe in Eslam. Having said this, the Messenger drew a straight line in the sand and said, ‘This is Allah’s way, Serat-ul-Mustaqeem’-he went on to draw several lines forking away from it and stated about Eblis’ effort to persuade man into taking any of these. With this he recited from the Qur’an, ‘Verily this is My Path, straight and simple. Embark on this and not on others, because these roads will take you away from Allah’.[23]

The two reasons or logic the Angels put forward against the creation of Adam and the gist of Eblis’ challenge are the same, the end result of both circumstances are ‘fasad’ and ‘safakuddima’ injustice, turmoil, unrest, conflict etc. and blood-shed, wars, battles, murders. Eblis’ challenge of deviating man did not entail refraining them from piety or good deeds because, as soon as man deviates from Allah’s Tawheed, Serat-ul-Mustaqeem or His sovereignty, the inevitable result of it would be wrong doings and bloodshed. Therefore, there is no reason for Eblis to refrain man from personal piety because he is well aware that without Tawheed, His sovereignty, no amount of good deeds and Taqwa is acceptable to the great Lord. Allah had clearly stated that He would not hold any number of transgressions against him who has accepted His Tawheed, His Sovereignty.[24] While on the other hand, He affirms-“Those who commit Sherk, (accept someone else’s doctrine, order or directives in any sphere of life), shall not be forgiven and thrown into the fire’.[25]

Judging by these statements, the Lord Creator seems to be quite extremist, doesn’t He? That does seem to be the case apparently.

However, it goes without saying that the laws, rules and regulations governing any people greatly influence and direct the behavior of the mass of people living under it. If the public and personal lifestyles do not complement each other, the inevitable result will be the eradication of the personal system due to the greater pressure of the public or collective one. Likewise, if there is a major clash of interests between these two, the personal way of life is bound to lose out. Therefore, there is need for a code of ethics, which is similarly reflected on both public and personal levels. Personal piety and goodness can be greatly effective on that person’s life, but it has little influence on the behavior of the public or the mass. A firefly can illuminate itself with its own light but can not remove the darkness of the night.

Secondly, in order for mankind to live in harmony and in peace amongst themselves, a faultless and immaculate code of life is imperative. Since man is possessed of limited knowledge, it is not possible for him to devise one. It is for this that Allah states, “Accept my sovereignty, I am your Creator, therefore accept My doctrines so that you may live in peace, (Eslam).[26] If you decide to exercise your free will and come up with laws and rules to govern yourselves with, you will bring about fasad and safakuddima in your lives and Eblis will have won his challenge thrown to Me.[27] I am the Mightiest and if I will I can make the whole of mankind accept Me in one Moment.[28] But I will not do so, I want to see, how you use your free will.”[29] Indeed, if man is to disregard the sovereignty of the All-mighty in the collective social level of society, all the personal piety and good deeds, all Ebadat, Taqwa are fruitless, as the Qur’an says, “And we shall turn unto the work they did and make it scattered motes.[30]

Between Adam and the Last Messenger, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousand of Messengers have brought the Guidance from Allah to their peoples.[31] Though the details of these messages have differed in accordance to the time and location of their revelations, the basic message, that of Tawheed, Allah’s Sovereignty has remained unchanged. No Messenger has claimed to beckon their people to anything else than that. All have called upon to their people to accept His Tawheed, the Eternal Faith, His Sovereignty so that they may establish His law on the land and refrain from implementing their own, the inevitable result of which would be fasad and safakuddima. With the acceptance of Tawheed the constitution would be based on His message and thus His Din, His Way of Life would be implemented on society as a whole.

This Truth (Tawheed) has remained the cornerstone of each and every Nabi or Rasul’s (Messenger) preaching. However, in absence of the Messengers their people have given in to Eblis’ provocation, lures and have tampered with the Message. A clergy class has emerged from within them who devoted all their time and effort in hair splitting details of the faith and the teaching of it to the general people. They rendered the straight and simple Serat-ul-Mustaqeem so complicated as to be out of the reach of the common man’s intelligence. The more detailed they have become, the further they have strayed from the Truth. By adding new issues to the original message and subtracting those that were contrary to their own interests, they brought about a system that finally bore little resemblance to the original one. The tough directives, the undertaking of which would entail personal loss and sacrifice were reduced to issues of low priority whereas rules easy to follow were taken high up on the list of priority. When things reached a point where the adherence to that Din brought more harm than good, Allah in His Mercy would send another Messenger to rectify and restore balance in that situation.

At this point, it is imperative to make note of one issue that is related to the emergence of the Dajjal. One thing has remained unchanged in this whole chain of events regarding the sending of Messengers and the guidance, the distortions of these messages after the departure of the Messengers and the subsequent arrival of new ones. Never in time has man officially and formally attempted to disavow Allah’s Sovereignty as the source of their Din, their Way of Life. They have distorted this Din to suit their interests, concocted issues into it so that they are able to oppress other people - yet this distorted version was still proclaimed to be God’s Word. Tyrant rulers, oppressors and dictators who made their subjects’ lives miserable, too, ruled in the name of God. Looking back in time, although we find a few instances where man declared himself as the sovereign, interestingly, these too had to be passed off in the name of God, e.g. pharaoh of Egypt, who claimed his lineage from the son of the god, Raa, therefore a divine power himself; or Namrud (Nimrod) who also took a claim sovereignty for himself. Indeed, the people who resisted and rejected these tyrants are to receive very high rewards and positions for themselves from their Lord; but not similar to those who resist the mighty Dajjal itself. The sphere of domination and location of these claimants of sovereignty were limited to the particular region they controlled as was the duration of their tyranny, but the Dajjal’s area of dominance is the whole world like the Messenger of Allah prophesied- ‘there will not be an inch of land or water that would be free of the Dajjal’s control.’[32]

Never in time did man strive to formally replace Allah’s Sovereignty with that of his own, except a few instances where the denial of Allah’s Sovereignty was limited in a country or an empire like Pharaoh in Egypt and never engulfed the entire world like the present day Judeo-Christian materialist civilization i.e. the Dajjal.

For example, we can take that of Isa’s (a.s.) (Jesus) era. It was when the Rabbis, Sadducees and Pharisees had distorted the Law of Moses (a.s.), that Allah sent Isa (a.s.) (Jesus) to breathe new life into that religion. The Jewish clergy, devoted to the study of the Torah and its doctrines, had lost sight of the inner self of the faith, the spiritual aspect. They made modifications to the basic message with their intense clinical analysis, but maintained it to be their Divine Guidance. They did not promulgate new theories on law and punishment, economy or education nor deem the Toraic laws to be obsolete.

The history of this subcontinent also bears similar testimony of this fact. The book of Nooh (a.s.) (Noah) or Monu had been distorted by the clergy to suit their ends, but was still known to be ‘Monu Shanghita’ or the ‘Book of Monu’. The Khatriya kings ruled based on those laws and their interpretations provided by the learned Brahmins. The law of the land remained God Almighty’s, only distorted in some places. If any king attempted to change any rule of the Book or did not rule in accordance with it, he would be upstaged and killed. Even the people, whom the Last Messenger called to Allah, believed Him to be the Creator and Maintainer of this Universe. Allah Himself bears witness to this. He asks our Messenger, “If you ask them (Arabs) who is the Creator of this earth and this sky? They will undoubtedly answer the Almighty, Hakeem.”[33] He asks again, “If you ask them- who created the earth and the sky and fixed the sun and the moon to their respective positions, they will answer, of course Allah. Ask them after the earth has died who brings it back to life by causing rain? Of course, they will reply, Allah.”[34] He goes on to say, “Ask them, O Muhammad, who is the Creator of this universe and earth? Allah, they will reply.”[35] The Moshreqs and Kafers of Arabia tried to foil the Messenger’s bid to impress Tawheed on them by claiming they were believers in Allah; if they worshipped Laat, Hobal or Ozza, it was to gain their interception on the worshippers' behalf,[36] they accepted Kaaba as the House of God and named their sons Abdallah, slave of Allah. So what new Tawheed was he, Muhammad (s.a.s), trying to make them understand? -- They asked him.

Therefore, it would be correct to say that Allah’s sovereignty was never at stake during this long period of time, whatever discrepancies man brought to the Faith were limited to the Message and its books, the idea of replacing it with anything else did not occur to man. Yet, this was the declared objective of Eblis, that he would cause man to disregard Allah’s all encompassing Tawheed, sovereignty. Now let us study how he made Man go about achieving this unholy aim.

Moses (A.S.) was among the few known Messengers of Allah who brought with him a complete code of life. It included all aspects of both public and private lives of his people. However, with his departure the degeneration that plagued peoples before him, found root among his people as well. A clergy class soon rose from within them, which busied themselves with bringing out new and newer still ‘fatwas’ or ordinances, and burdened the common man with these. It reached a point where the observance of minute details of the Shariah (Moses’ law) gained dominance over the spirit of the faith itself. As punishment for straying from the truth, the Chosen people were cursed and turned into slaves of the pagan Romans, quite similar to how the so-called Moslem population of this world were overridden and ruled for centuries by Christian forces. In this scenario, Allah sent the Messenger Isa (A.S.) (Jesus) into the Bani Israel and gave them a chance to redeem themselves in His Eyes. This new Messenger brought no new law or ‘Shariah’ with him since Moses’ Torah was still applicable to them. He had been sent solely for the purpose of guiding the Bani Israelis back to the essence of their true faith. The issues Isa (A.S.) stressed heavily on were:

I. That he had not been sent to disavow the Law of Moses, but to confirm it.[37] He made it clear with this statement that he would not interfere with the Book or its laws, he would only restore balance between the spiritual and practical application of the Din, since that had become lost with excessive importance been placed on meticulous details of the law irrelevant to the spirit of the faith itself.

II. That he had been sent only for the wayward sheep of the Bani Israel.[38]

With this, the new Messenger set the boundary of his responsibility, about the people to be reached through his teaching. He put further emphasis on this issue while dispatching his twelve chief disciples for preaching purposes. He stressed upon them not to preach to people of other faiths, not to enter their cities, not to go to the Samarians. They were instructed specifically to restrict their preaching to the errant people of Bani Israel.[39]

The severest opponents of any new Messenger without exception have been the stalwarts of the previously existing but perverted faith, the clergy, who consider themselves as the torchbearers of that way of life (Din) and its guardians. Because-

Firstly, they have clung to the distorted version of the old faith pretty similarly to a sinking man’s grasping at straw. Whenever a new Messenger has raised his voice against the distortions brought to the faith, they in turn, have branded him an infidel and taken it upon themselves as a sacred duty to rid the world of his presence.

Secondly, their pride in their knowledge of the scripture has been a major contributing factor to their opposition. Lifetimes devoted to the study, and hair splitting research of their holy Scriptures, combined with the high position they enjoyed in society, generated enormous egos that took many a great bashing when an apparently illiterate man, as has been the case of most Messengers, rose up to them and declared them at fault!

Thirdly, it were the same class of people who had made ‘Halal’ for themselves what Allah has deemed ‘Haram’ – e.g. the selling of His Ayats, His words for a meager pay- as they have been wont to do; A new Messenger would surely and strongly speak against this. To accept that they were in the wrong would also be out of the question for these clergy class; because to accept fault would herald the end of their illegal trade. The Qur’an says: Lo! Those who hide aught of the Scripture which Allah hath revealed, and purchase a small fain therewith, they eat into their bellies nothing else than fire.[40] Again the Qur’an says, “Follow those who ask of you no fee, and who are properly guided.[41]

Fourthly, they were also quick to realize that a new Messenger spelt doom for their parasitic existence and the great influence they exerted over the general population. All these worldly concerns have remained great deterrents for the apparent ‘men of God’ from accepting His Messengers for what they were. The case of Isa (a.s.) was no exception to this rule for soon after he started preaching, the Jewish clergy, the Rabbis, Sadducees and Pharisees put up massive resistance against him and also inducted the aid of the Roman governor who ruled over them. The Romans were reluctant at first to be drawn into a matter they considered to be the internal conflict of the Jews, but the clergy’s insistence that Isa (a.s.) posed a serious threat to the stability of the Roman rule on Palestine, as Isa (a.s.) Jesus claimed to be the king of Jews, they informed the Romans, finally swayed the authority to become involved. However, as they prepared to nail Isa (a.s.) into the cross, Allah caused him to be bodily transported into heaven and Isa’s (a.s.) betrayer, who sold out his master for thirty coins, was made to look identical to him so that the rabbis and Romans thought they had crucified Isa (a.s.), when it was actually Judas Iscariot who died on the cross.

During the three years Isa (a.s.) preached among the Bani Israel, between 72 and 120 brought faith in his teaching and became his disciples. However, in his absence they were severely persecuted both by Jews and Romans alike and the handful of them who remained in Palestine had little choice but to surrender to and abide by the rabbis, Sadducees and the Pharisees, though in their hearts they adhered to their master’s teaching. Most of Isa’s (a.s.) disciples were forced to hiding or exile to distant places. It was sometime after this that a Jew named Paul who was one of the fiercest persecutors of Jesus and his followers brought faith in Isa’s (a.s.) teaching; however on closer examination of his consequent actions, it seems his chief aim was to deviate Isa’s (a.s.) followers from the right path than to embark on it himself.

The Messenger Isa (a.s.) had not been sent to establish any new faith neither did he ever attempt to do so. His primary objective was to renew faith in Musa’s (a.s.) (Moses) prophet-hood while restoring order and balance that was lost to Judaism and rescue it from the clutches of the clergy. Similar was the Buddha’s (a.s.) mission, who was sent to rescue the prevalent Vedic religion (Sanatan Dharma) from the clutches of the clergy, the priests.

One of the first things Paul tried to impress on Isa’s (a.s.) followers was to convince them not to limit their preaching to the Bani Israel (Children of Israel), but to call other people, namely non Jews to this new faith as well. None of the devout followers of Isa (a.s.) were present at Jerusalem during this time all having fled from Palestine in fear to their lives and Paul traveled to Antioch where some of them were hiding to propose this change. At first they were greatly alarmed over this idea which was in direct contrast to what their Master had taught. Among those who strongly opposed this was Barnabas who tried in vain to refrain the other disciples from consenting to it. Here it must be remembered that Barnabas learned directly from Isa (a.s.) from long, close association with him, while Paul was fierce opponent who never met Isa (a.s) (Jesus). However, Paul’s persuasion prevailed and at length they all agreed to call others to their faith as well. Perhaps they realized that they too were doomed to failure where even their Master, a Messenger of God had been unsuccessful and that with their demise, their Master’s teaching would be wiped off the face of the earth. The only means to stop that from happening they argued was to preach among non-Jews and convert them to this new religion.

It is important to note here that the Judaic faith is one limited to the twelve tribes of Israel; it has no application on people outside it, therefore, its deviations or reformations have no practical implication to people not belonging to the Bani Israelis. Accordingly, the Messenger Isa (a.s.) had been sent with the limited responsibility of bringing the Bani Israelis back to the folds of Judaism as revealed to the Messenger Musa (a.s.) (Moses). Isa (a.s.) (Jesus) was a devout confirmer of the former Messenger, namely Musa (a.s.) (Moses), as were all of his disciples. Their dissension was only with the rabbis, Sadducees, the clergy over the concept of the faith. That Paul was among the severest of Isa’s (a.s.) opponents during and after his lifetime is not of consequence since there are ample examples of bitter enemies turning into staunch, genuine supporters: Omar (ra) bin Khattab, Khalid (ra) bin Waleed and Ikrama (ra) bin Abu Jahl are excellent examples of this. What is thought provoking is the fact that Paul never received any direct guidance from the Master, he was not a disciple, yet emerged as a greater champion of the faith surpassing those who had been in constant company of the Master and received first hand knowledge and guidance from him. Also, the changes Paul brought about to the faith were not only diverted from the basic teachings they were in some principal points, completely opposite to what Isa (a.s.) had preached. Still, Paul and his group traveled preaching the revised faith and were successful in converting a considerable number of people. By modifying Isa’s (a.s.) teaching, adding to it and subtracting from it at his will, Paul brought about a new faith that bore no resemblance neither to the religion of Musa (a.s.) (Moses), or the teachings of Isa (a.s.) that were intended to restore balance in Musa’s (a.s.) faith. In Paul’s hands a new religion called Christianity was born. Many reputed Christian scholars opine that the faith we now refer to as Christianity should rather be known as Paulinity since it is based more on Paul’s ideas and reforms than the Messenger Isa’s (a.s.). The foundation for this faith was laid not in Isa’s (a.s.) homeland, not in Palestine, since none of his followers were present there, but away in Antioch.[42] The irony of all this is that never in his life had Isa (a.s.) heard of a religion called Christianity!

Before and during this time, i.e., when Paul and his supporters busied themselves with the preaching of Christianity, the majority of Europeans were worshippers of numerous gods and goddesses: the monotheist religion of Musa (a.s.) was practiced on the other side of the Mediterranean but they were never called to accept it on the account of it being a tribal religion, the same principles that were followed by Isa (a.s.) while he preached the reforms of the Judaic faith.

The new faith which Paul and his followers called the pagan Europeans to though far from Judaism or Isa’s (a.s.) teachings, was however superior to their existing religions, as a result of which there was en masse conversion of Europeans to this new faith. With almost the whole of Europe accepting Christianity, another major fundamental issue loomed large over their lives. In what order would this huge group of people, who called themselves Christians, lead their collective national lives?

Musa (a.s.) had brought a complete code of life for his people, with the Shariah (Law of Moses) governing the social, political, economic aspects and counter balanced by the spiritual side of the faith involving soul enhancement thereby striking a harmonious balance between the external and internal facets of human existence. It was when the clergy, priests, rabbis etc. tilted the scales of this harmony with their engrossment and obsession with the meticulous application of the Shariah only that Isa (a.s.) was sent. He reconfirmed the law of Musa (a.s.), but stressed that he had been sent to reestablish the soul of the faith in its rightful position. Therefore, the teachings of Isa (a.s.) did not contain any new national Shariah, it promulgated the personal spirituality of man only. As a result of which, what the religion Paul and his supporters converted Europeans to, was an incomplete, imbalanced version of the original faith- and this they tried to establish at a national level. As I have mentioned earlier, man had never tried to replace Allah’s sovereignty with his own, never thought of implementing his own laws and regulations rejecting the Creator’s and he did not try to do that at this point either. With the conversion to Christianity, the whole of Europe tried to lead their life the Christian way with the directives coming from the Papal office in Rome.

However, they soon ran into trouble with their misguided efforts in living as Christians. It is apparent that a unified code of ethics including the socio-economic, laws, penal code and regulations are an imperative prerequisite for governing any collective body of people. Yet this was completely absent in this new faith as a result of which the European kings’ and Pope’s efforts were in vain. The idea of creating a whole new constitution to live their lives by, setting aside all of God’s directives, His rules and regulations, laws and limits, were still unthinkable while at the same time they were in dire need of a system that would enable them to remain Christians and also address their national and collective lives. A long struggle ensued between the lives of this world and the next and gradually it turned into a major conflict, culminating into a point where only two options remained open to the kings and elders of society. One was to outright reject Christianity and its way of life and the second to relegate the application of the faith to the personal lives of its people from where it would have no say or influence on the national, political and economic activities of the general mass. As it was not possible to make the entire population of Europe denounce Christianity and thus turn atheists, the second option was taken up for implementation resulting in the complete separation of the church and state in England in 1537, during the reign of Henry VIII. With this decree religion which had hitherto been the final criterion of judging between right and wrong, between lawful and unlawful, was banished to the relatively narrow scope of a person’s private life and the Lord Creator ceased to have any say in how the collective national lives of the entire Europe was led.

Thus was born the Dajjal prophesied thirteen centuries back by the last Messenger of Allah and the Anti-Christ prophesied in the Bible two thousand years back.

Following the official separation of the church and state, Christian Europe started turning increasingly materialistic with rapid growth in all sectors of technology, industry and commerce. It is ironic that a tough-core materialistic civilization sprung up from within a group whose basic ideology is one of spiritual enhancement, of rising above worldly attractions and of turning the other cheek!

However this is what exactly happened with the reason being the same as discussed earlier. Any system or doctrine, which is accepted and implemented on a collective level naturally, emerges as a dominant factor with its guidelines defining a group, and in that case, the person or individual automatically becomes the secondary or weaker entity. While it is nice to think that people would retain their personal goodness of character and religious beliefs even if they are not religiously bound to, and if Christianity was rejected from their national life; but that did not happen either, for the simple reason that the collective behavior exerts more pressure and influence thus modulating a group than the behavior of an individual. It is not possible for the individual to retain his personal characteristics in face of greater group pressure and operate as a separate entity. It is especially so if the rules and regulations, laws and orders that are used to govern them are man-made, thus necessarily faulty.

With this revised outlook of life, the materialistic Christian Europe gradually became more and more engrossed in the research of technological and scientific advancements and grew more powerful with each new development- to reach the point where they are now in control of all major activities all over the world. Born 472 years ago the Dajjal now is adult and in control of the entire world.

The Dajjal or the Judeo-Christian Materialistic Civilization has been given precedence, importance over all other things that have happened in this world, from the beginning to the end of time. It is so because it involves the very reason of man’s creation - which was to determine if he accepted Allah’s sovereignty and accordingly implement it or took matters into his own hands, rejecting the Covenant with Himself and His Ordinance. From time immemorial man has strayed from the Straight Path, deviated from the truth, whence a new Messenger has been sent to rectify the situation and guide them back to the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem. Never has the Lord’s Ordinance been rejected outright and replaced with man-made ones in such scale. However, with the rejection of the reformist Messenger Isa’s (a.s) message by the Jews and the subsequent trial to implement the deviated and incomplete religion called Christianity into the general population’s lives, man committed the ultimate sin. The God-ordained way of life was expelled for eclectic application only to man’s personal life and Dajjal was brought into being.

For the first time in history, Allah’s sovereignty was formally and officially rejected in totality; for the first time Eblis was successful in deviating Man, Bani Adam collectively, from Tawheed, Serat-ul-Mustaqeem, the same Serat-ul-Mustaqeem he had vowed to lay ambush to.[43] This was the ultimate test for Allah’s Khalifa, Man, and he failed. This was Eblis’ first victory and because
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