This is a room strictly for putting up to date photos and video and news of people claiming to be the Imam, Jesus, a Prophet or God.
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By Baban
I took this picture long time ago.
Image :thumbdown:
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By m-ali1988
JazakAllah for sharing Sister, Indeed those who sell their souls for a brief gain will be in Hell forever.

Fi Amanillah.
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By zizzou
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By Scimitar
WOW? .... have you seen the Saudi Arabian Police Logo? That, my friend, is WOW...

I am in the process of finishing the full length version of the Sacrifices video - which will expose the symbolism of the Dajjal is KSA - like you've never seen it before... if you wanna see part one (the only part) you can watch it here: and further evidence here:

Btw, I left the Wake Up Project. Hence, I have been frequenting here a bit more.

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