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By MC2189

The Book of Enoch: The First Parable: Chapter XLII

XLII. The Dwelling-places of Wisdom and of Unrighteousness.

Wisdom found no place where she might dwell;
Then a dwelling-place was assigned her in the heavens.

Wisdom went forth to make her dwelling among the children of men,
And found no dwelling-place:

Wisdom returned to her place,
And took her seat among the angels.

And unrighteousness went forth from her chambers:
Whom she sought not she found,
And dwelt with them,

As rain in a desert
And dew on a thirsty land.
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By MC2189
"The greatest con he ever pulled whas making you believe that he is you"

I'm re-emphasising this quote because it is important. These evil spirits are so ingrained into our being, all the way down to the molecular level, so it is not always easy to discern where a thought or a compulsion is originating from.

There are only three choices when you hear something in your head. It's either YOU, the white hats, or the black hats. YOU and the bad guys can sound very similar because neither of you are holy. And when they whisper thoughts into your brain they always put an “I” in front of it to make you think it's your idea. But what they are suggesting to you will always be anti-Christ in some way when projected out.

It is important for us to learn how to deal with the stuff in own heads and our hearts since they can play with your emotions too. We all hear things, we just mostly think it's us, but then we look back later and think, “What was I thinking? That was a HORRIBLE idea!”

Or sometimes we look back and realize that it was so beautiful and perfect and divinely inspired that it HAD to be from God.
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By MC2189
Proverbs 25:26

Like a muddied spring or a polluted well
are the righteous who give way to the wicked.

^ Sounds like an unclean cup

Now... what is this living water???? It shows up in revelation and Jesus spoke of it in the New Testament many times.

Here it appears in Jeremiah twice:

LORD, you are the hope of Israel;
all who forsake you will be put to shame.
Those who turn away from you will be written in the dust
because they have forsaken the LORD,
the fountain of living water.

My people have committed two sins:
They have forsaken me,
the fountain of living water,
and have hewn their own cisterns,
broken cisterns that cannot hold water.
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By MC2189
I do want to get back to the living water, but something else just caught my attention....

The Talmud of Jmmanual is pretty messed up. I just went to check it out, as there is an on-line pdf for it. ... Qgq6heKJsw

I read this a few years ago, and at the time, I thought it was pretty good and contained a lot of good material. I didn't have the set of tools that I do now, so I didn't see what I see now. After that time, I decided to look into this Billy Meiers cat, and concluded that he might be visited by spiritual beings...but he claims that they tell him that they are aliens, and they even show him their ships and allow him to take really good pics of them....

BUT now, this reminds me of that Mighty Wings of Simrugh link as in this doucment SEMJAZA is clamied to the be the father of ADAM and is from distant galaxies....

Here we go again with the sorting of wheat and chaff...

This Talmud fits right in with the grand delusion/deception and their sinister schemes.

Again, the ALIEN pins are being set up to be knocked down later.

"WE (aliens) created you on OUR planet, and you are OUR private property...."

These demons leave no stone unturned, and have been doing the heavy lifting for thousands of years to fulfill their destiny. DOPES!
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By MC2189
What do you get when you cross a human and a throne?


So when they "arrive" there will be some human DNA in them, and they will try to use it to their advantage and conceal the truth.

We, HUMANS, were here first you tricky bastard abominations.
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By MC2189

^notice the phallic symbolism of the laser guns....or should I say probes?
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By MC2189
I began to include in my prayers to be more like Jesus. The reasoning behind it is rather than directly asking for gifts of the spirit, being more like Jesus those gifts should come as a natural result. Of course, that also means "crucifying" those parts of myself that invite sin.

There is just so much to sort through and this brings up a need for discernment and understanding. I think ignorance can sometimes be a blessing though. Keeping a simple mind focused on living like Jesus taught and trying to stay in step with the Holy Spirit counts for alot.

That is how I see it, but if the day comes that anyone in my family, or I am threatened physically in anyway, by any forces, that's when my switch might flip. At that point the Old Testament in me may boil over and God can judge me according to my actions.
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