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By zorgono2
MC2189 wrote:That is interesting. Pan was a goat/human abomination who, according to legend, hosted parties that always involved root cutting (drugs), drunkenness, and sex (including orgies). Pan was also prone to become extremely violent and murderous without warning.

This kind of thing is becoming very common among the youth here in the USA and in other modern industrialized cultures that are steadily abandoning their faiths. I've been to a few myself when I was young boy. Although I was very reserved about expressing erotic love in public (I've always considered that a very private and personal thing), but I was certainly into the drinking and the drugs that were always around at these keg parties. You would always see other people with no shame "hooking up" with each other where anyone could easily could see them. I've been to at least a few where the house would get trashed and brawls would erupt. Even though this entity Azazel is supposedly bound in the earth (separate from the other 200 who are contained in a holding cell that is at the edge of this could be anywhere), that spirit is certainly still active in the world. In Revelation, he gets released to walk the earth as a physical reality again (called Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek; which means Destroyer). This beast that comes out of the pit in the last days really fits best with Azazel.

The more I think of what childhood was like for me back in the 80's and 90's and how even more prevalanet and in your face this stuff is today, the more I think of leaving the USA because I could not and will not raise a child here and send them to our public (government) schools. So if God does decide to give me a wife, she would need to be on board with jumping ship. But I digress.

I can certainly see Pan as a manifestation of the Evil One. Azazel is mentioned once in the Torah and is represented by a goat.

This is in Leviticus as the scapegoat. So when we say "the devil made me do it", we are referring to Azazel.

Leviticus 16:8
And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for Yahweh, and the other lot for Azazel.

Notice how the King James version removes the name Azazel and replaces it wirh Scapegoat:

And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat.

Shemheizei/semiazaz may be the brains of this whole thing while azazel is the brawn
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By MC2189
I almost want to put this in its own thread so it will get more exposure, but I bet a lot of people who view these boards have probably seen it already.

For those who haven't, this is must see stuff right here:




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By MC2189
So now... I will offer my latest theories based on the pieces of the story we can get out of the Bible, Enoch, and other OT Apocrypha.

It is pretty straitforward from Enoch and especially the Apocalypse of Abraham that Azazel is Satan and the first star that fell and attracted many other stars to fall to its location. However, after reading Revelation again, I do not think he has been bound for 1000 years yet by Raphael. That happens AFTER the apocalypse once the earth is completely desimated. This is when Jesus Christ returns to the earth with the saints and the elect to rebuild the earth. (The new earth). This is also when the false prophet and the antichrist are throw alive into the lake of fire.

So this tells me that Apollyon (who is released from the pit) is not Azazel and neither is the False prophet. Apollyon (this king over them) is most likely one of the imprisoned fallen angels that refuses to repent. Because remember, they are all bound together in hell (hades/Sheol/underworld), so during that time I'm sure there will be many conflicts among them (whose fault this is, who is the toughest/smartest/etc... among them). So Apollyon would be the king among them and the locusts would be the other fallen angels. This time period could also be a time of redemption for some of these beings. The two witnesses may even be among them. (They display all kinds of supernatural abilities and no one can kill them except for Apollyon). Then they live again after the entire world cheers at their demises!

After the 1000 years of Azazel/Satan being bound, something happens and this is not clear, so I will not speculate on that. But it seems that he has 1000 years in solitary confinement to think about what he will do when the time is up. Another reason Apollyon nor the False Prophet can be Azazel is because it says they get their power from the dragon. As you can assume, I am equating Apollyon with the antichrist.

But what I do know is that after the 1000 years, HEAVEN comes down to EARTH (not earth to heaven). God dwells with his people and all are judged. The sea gives up their dead and hell gets thrown into the lake of fire. So hell is no longer a reality anymore when it's all done. Hell, and all who remain in it are cast into the lake of fire, which consists of those not written in the book of life (this category includes both human and angels who still refuse to join the party).

Only two beings are thrown into the fire alive prior to this time and that is Apollyon and the False Prophet. There is no way to determine which ones these are as named in Enoch, but I don't think it matters much. They know what they are doing and know full well the ramifications that go along with what they do.
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By MC2189
I do believe that the false prophet and the anti-christ as addressed in chapter 13, one from the sea and one from the land, are sons of Satan. How could they be kings without the blood connection? The firste five kings are Satan and his 4 thugs and maybe there is something to that. What if all of them, the 5, were of the same type of angel? The wored SATANS, plural is used in Enoch. So what if they assume the same role when the one above them on the totem pole is removed. SO the Satan at the time of Jesus was not the same as Azazel. Maybe Satan is more of a title than a name. like THE CHRIST.

Here are their names:
1. Azazel/Lucifer.
2. Asbeêl
3. Gâdreêl
4. Pênêmûe
5. Kâsdejâ

6. ANti-christ
7. False prophet
8. Satan/Azazel/Dragon/Lucifer

OF the first five it says that they have FALLEN. Only the first is said to have been separated and taken away.

Rev 17:11
"And the beast that was, and is not, is himself also an eighth, and is of the seven; and he goeth into perdition"

The first is the last and the last is the first. <- That statement also applies to Jesus Christ, but in a different way.
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By MC2189
Looking back at this old journal, it seems I've been off on a few things. Satan is on the earth and roams the earth until judgment day. Abaddon, "the destroyer" who is released from the pit in the end days is likely Azazel or Samyaza. Since some of the bound jinn underneath the earth are released during this time with he being king over them.

I'm probably going to abandon this thread, but it was good for a reread. Coming back for semester three, I agree that it is better to focus on the good after being woken up to the bad.

I'm actually in the process of reading the Qu'ran right now. As a Christian, I have never read it in the past. Maybe I'm reading into this the wrong way, but my interpretation of Surah 6 seems to say that being a Christian qualifies me as being Muslim. I'm fine with this, but I'm not sure how to reconcile this just yet as we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, but my Muslim friends say that Allah has no son.
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