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Asalamo Alaikom, and The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings!

BesmAllah Alrahman Alraheem!

I wish you the best state of existence.

Guys, can someone share the details about this "Haider Mishtat / حيدر مشتت" character.



It seems like he was a disciple / ansar of Imam Ahmed Alhassan (as) but then he apostatized and claimed to be the Imam himself, is this right?

Is "Haider Mishtat / حيدر مشتت" related to the Imam (as) in any other regards like family connections?

Please, if you are knowledgeable about "Haider Mishtat / حيدر مشتت" life / biography, share the details here.

Who he was and who he came to be? Is he alive or dead? Highlights of his life? And his fight with the dawa?

I am all of sudden interested about him.

I am thankful to you in advance.
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