Salam 3laykum waRa7matullah waBarakatu,

The following is an excerpt from Tawheed al-Muffadal. Let us all read and contemplate over the high morals of the Imam's (peace be upon them) in regards to debating others, in this particular case it is a debate with atheists, who altogether deny the existence of our Creator, let us contemplate over the respect and high esteem these very atheists had for Imam Jafa'ar al Sadiq due to his dignity, respect and intelligence. Now let us compare this with the person on facebook who claims to be Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, from the family of Muhammad (peace be upon them, one by one), who refuses to answer a single question, who refuses to guide us back to the truth if the truth is indeed with him, and instead calls people rats and other derogatory names, all the while refusing to provide well founded proofs.

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful,

Muhammad Ibn Sanan relates that Mufaddal Ibn Umar narrated to him thus:

"One day after the Asr prayers, I sat between the mimbar and the shrine of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.),
contemplating on the exalted attributes which had been bestowed upon our Master, Syed Muhammad
Mustafa (saw). Many of which the general Ummah paid little to no attention to nor did they have full
understanding of the greatness of His eminence, perfect merits, and His outstanding grandeur.

While I was immersed in such thoughts, Ibn Abi Al Auja, an atheistic pagan arrived there and took his
seat within my hearing distance. A comrade of his followed him and sat listening to him.

Ibn Ali Auja started the conversation with the remark, "The occupant of this shrine has attained a unique
station regarding His status and elevated honour." His comrade, adding an affirmation said: "He was a
philosopher and made a mighty claim supported by miracles that confounded common sense. The learned
intellects attempted to explain the mysteries in their depth but were unable to do so. When his mission
became accepted by the sophisticated and the learned, then the common people entered into the fold of
his faith one by one. All the places of worship and the mosques wherever the call to his prophet-hood
reached, began to ring loud and clear with his name along with that of the Almighty Allah, regardless of
where they were located. Not just once but five times a day whenever the Adhan and Iqamah were
recited. He got his name attached to that of Allah (swt) in order to obtain popularity and notoriety and to
keep His mission alive amongst the people."

Ibn Ali Auja remarked, "Leave aside the mention of Muhammad (saw) for I’m unable to comprehend
Him in His reality. Instead let us talk about the basis of the people's acceptance of the faith of Muhammad
(saw) , the belief in the Sustainer of the universe. Does such a Creator exist or not?"

Then he referred to the origin and creation of the vast universe. He made the preposterous claim that no
one had created them and there exists no Creator, nor Designer, nor Renovator. The universe came into
being by itself and will continue to exist as such for all of eternity.

I was outraged to hear this and said to him, "O disbeliever! Do you disbelieve in the faith of Allah (swt)
by totally denying the existence of Him, who created you, transforming you from one state to another, till
you arrived at your present form? Had you looked at your own self and contemplated how you came into
existence then you would have recognized within your own self obvious proofs of the existence of the
Almighty Allah.”

He said: “If you can provide well founded proofs, then we shall discuss this issue with you, and will admit to you’re being correct. However if you are unable to provide such proofs, then you should not speak until you are able to do so especially if you are from the companions of Imam Jafar (asws) ibn Muhammad (saw). It is not His way of addressing issues and therefore you should follow His example and not speak in such an ill manner. He has listened to our discussions more than you have and has never spoken to us in the manner which you have. He acts with dignity, respect, and intelligence. He is never harsh or rude. He listens to our arguments with attentiveness and invites us to discuss matters with Him. Whenever we think we have finally outwitted Him and silenced Him, with just a few words, He is able to resume the debate and defeats even the most knowledgeable of us. We are left unable to reply to His proofs. If you are of His companions, then speak to us in the same manner as He does.”

After hearing their words, I came out of the shrine dejected and thoughtful due to their disbelief in the
existence of a Creator and due to their words towards me. I immediately went to my master, Imam Jafar
Al Sadiq (asws). Upon seeing me, He asked me the reason for my looking so saddened and dejected. I
related to Him the conversation of those atheists and the way I had tried to refute their arguments.

He told me to come the next day when he would explain to me how the Almighty Allah manifests His
immense brilliance through the comprising of the universe, the animals, the birds, the insects, all living
beings, those in the both the animal and vegetable kingdoms, through the trees whether they bear fruit or
not and those which are edible as well as those which are not. Such descriptions of brilliance would be
absolute proof against the disbelievers and a source of solace for the believers while at the same time
silencing the pagans.

Arabic Text:

روى محمد بن سنان ، قال: حدثني المفضل بن عمر قال: كنت ذات بعد العصر جالسا في الروضة بين القبر والمنبر، وأنا مفكر فيما خص الله تعالى به سيدنا محمدا صلى الله عليه وعلى آله، من الشرف والفضائل، وما منحه وأعطاه وشرفه وحباه، مما يعرفه الجمهور من الأمة وما جهلوه من فضله وعظيم منزلته، وخطير مرتبته، فإني لكذلك إذ أقبل (ابن أبي العوجاء)

فجلس بحيث أسمع كلامه فلما استقر به المجلس إذ من أصحابه قد جاء فجلس إليه، فتكلم (ابن أبي العوجاء) فقال: لقد بلغ صاحب هذا القبر العز بكماله، وحاز الشرف بجميع خصاله، ونال الحظوة في كل أحواله، فقال له صاحبه: إنه كان فيلسوفا ادعى المرتبة العظمى، والمنزلة الكبرى، وأتى على ذلك بمعجزات بهرت العقول، وضلت فيها الأحلام، وغاصت الألباب على طلب علمها في بحار الفكر، فرجعت خاسئات، وهي حسر، فلما استجاب لدعوته العقلاء والفصحاء والخطباء، دخل الناس في دينه أفواجا، فقرن اسمه باسم ناموسه ، فصار يهتف به على رؤوس الصوامع، في جميع البلدان والمواضع، التي انتهت إليها دعوته، وعلتها كلمته، وظهرت فيها حجته برا وبحرا، سهلا وجبلا، في كل يوم وليلة خمس مرات مرددا في الأذان والإقامة، ليتجدد في كل ساعة ذكره، ولئلا يخمل أمره. فقال (ابن أبي العوجاء): دع ذكر محمد (صلى الله عليه وعلى آله) فقد تحير فيه عقلي، وضل في أمره فكري. وحدثنا في الأصل الذي نمشي له... ثم ذكر إبتداء الأشياء، وزعم ذلك بإهمال لا صنعة فيه ولا تقدير، ولا صانع ولا مدبر، بل الأشياء تتكون من ذاتها بلا مدبر، وعلى هذا كانت الدنيا لم ولا تزال!

(محاورة المفضل مع أبي العوجاء) (قال المفضل): فلم أملك نفسي غضبا وغيظا وحنقا، فقلت: يا عدو الله ألحدت في دين الله، وأنكرت الباري جل قدسه الذي خلقك في أحسن تقويم، وصورك في أتم صوره، ونقلك في أحوالك حتى بلغ حيث انتهيت. فلو تفكرت في نفسك وصدقك لطيف حسك، لوجدت دلائل الربوبية وآثار الصنعة فيك قائمة، وشواهده جل وتقدس في خلقك واضحة، وبراهينه لك لائحة، فقال: يا هذا إن كنت من أهل الكلام كلمناك، فإن ثبتت لك حجة تبعناك، وإن لم تكن منهم فلا كلام لك، وإن كنت من أصحاب جعفر بن محمد الصادق فما هكذا تخاطبنا، ولا بمثل دليلك تجادل فينا، ولقد سمع من كلامنا أكثر مما سمعت، فما أفحش خطابنا، ولا تعدى في جوابنا وأنه الحليم الرزين، العاقل الرصين، لا يعتريه خرق ، ولا طيش ولا نزق يسمع كلامنا، ويصغي إلينا ويتعرف حجتنا، حتى إذا استفرغنا ما عندنا، وظنننا قطعناه، دحض حجتنا بكلام يسير، وخطاب قصير، يلزمنا الحجة، ويقطع العذر، ولا نستطيع لجوابه ردا، فإن من أصحابه فخاطبنا بمثل خطابه. (سبب إملاء الكتاب المفضل قال المفضل: فخرجت من المسجد محزونا مفكرا فيما بلي به الإسلام

وأهله من كفر هذه العصابة وتعطيلها فدخلت على مولاي (عليه السلام) فرآني منكسرا فقال: ما لك؟ فأخبرته بما سمعت من الدهريين وبما رددت عليهما. فقال: يا مفضل لألقين عليك من حكمه الباري وعلا وتقدس اسمه في خلق العالم، والسباع، والبهائم، والطير، والهوام، وكل ذي روح من الأنعام والنبات ، والشجرة المثمرة، وغير ذات الثمر والحبوب، والبقول، المأكول من ذلك وغير المأكول، ما يعتبر به المعتبرون ويسكن إلى معرفته المؤمنون: ويتحير فيه الملحدون فبكر علي غدا.
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